Is Scalp MicroPigmentation A Safe Option For Women?

Is Scalp MicroPigmentation A Safe Option For Women?

If you are an adult, you must have witnessed hair loss yourself or someone else going through it at some point. This problem has become so widespread that both men and women as early as in the 20s start experiencing hair loss. While men find it easy to cope with a bald scalp, women might have to face a lot of embarrassment and social disconnect. This is the reason they should look for a perfect way to minimize hair loss impacts. One such method is scalp micropigmentation. 

According to, SMP or scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive treatment for restoring hair in women after hair loss. As part of the procedure, an SMP expert uses microneedles to implant hair pigments in the scalp area’s upper dermis. These pigments work like hair shadow and resemble shaven hair follicles. 

Usually, the treatment can take upto a few hours and require you to visit the Scalp Micro clinic once every week for a few weeks to ensure everything works perfectly. The SMP results last for 3-5 years, after which you can undergo the procedure once again and get the desired results. 

There is no visible evidence of SMP having any negative impact on women’s general health. So, you need not worry about the side-effects of this procedure. The only trick here is to get in touch with an experienced SMP service provider. Since it’s a complicated process, you cannot rely on a random person with no relevant experience whatsoever. So, it’s better to have a word with someone at Scalp Micro and get all your doubts resolved smoothly. They have been in the business for years and can offer you outstanding results every single time.

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