It’s no secret that there are many car crashes in the United States; however, we might not realize how many. The numbers can be shocking! In this blog post, you’ll find some statistics about car crashes – your chances of being involved in one, and more importantly, how to avoid them.

Shocking Car Crash Stats:

By the time you finish reading this blog post, two people will have died in car crashes. One out of every eight Americans has had their driver’s license suspended for some reason – often due to unpaid traffic tickets.

The first Sunday after Daylight Savings Time begins is typically one of the most dangerous days on the road.

For every mile driven on rural roads, there are five fatalities. There is an average of one car crash every four minutes in the United States. It’s estimated that speeding plays a role in about 30% of fatal traffic accidents.

Most Common Causes of Car Crashes: Driver behavior or conditions (such as drug use, speeding, or inattention).

How to Avoid Crashes: Get plenty of rest before getting behind the wheel. Fatigue is a common cause of traffic accidents, so try to schedule driving for times when you’re well-rested.

Slow down: Speeding is a major cause of car crashes. It can also lead to loss of control over the vehicle, which increases your chances of being in an accident. Driving at or below the speed limit helps you avoid getting into accidents as well as protecting passengers and other drivers on the road.

Do not drive if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They can affect your reaction time, coordination, and decision-making abilities. It can further make driving dangerous for everyone on the road, even when it’s just “one drink.” 

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